"The Appropriate Tip" 

We are spoiled with live music here in New Orleans. So in order to give the musicians an "appropriate tip" I show them how incredible the expirience they create is in my paintings. Their music is responsible for carrying the legacy of New Orleans. I hope my work helps them feel more appreciated by their city!

When pieces from this series of paintings are sold, a portion of the funds is used to pay the musicians pictured!

"Transcontinental Tunes"

Kalli Padgett, Transcontinental Tunes , 2021, Oil on Canvas with golden edge, 5 x 7 ft


This piece of artwork was inspired by the first ever "Covid Mardi Gras" The passion to play drove these musicians out, with no pay, to give joy to their city when it needed them most on Mardi Gras night. 

I thought, "we cant possibly tip them enough," as I put my only two dollars in their jar, and so I decided then and there to devote an ongoing series of works to these incredible people.


3ft x 2ft, Oil on Canvas, 2021


I happened upon the trumpet mafia playing in the beautiful courtyard of Royal Frenchmen one day of MardiGras and as Emily stood up to to toot her horn, I thought- "I gotta paint those pants with a pallet knife" So I took a picture. 

During the time of painting this I was focused on strengthening my inner self- discovering how to love my genuine self and be who I was without any care as to what or whos around.

Kalli Padgett, Saw That, 2021, Oil on canvas, 10 x 10 in 

This photo was taken of "KK" while a group was playing at the infamous "L-13" New Orleans speakeasy venue. 

Sold Items:

Kalli Padgett, Mid-Bloom, 2021, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 38"


Simone Maya pictured here playing with her band "Bombs X Lover" after a locally made (covid safe) Mardi - Gras parade. 

"On the One" 2021 Acrylic on wood box panel, 4' x 3" 


This is a painting of Derick Freedman, one of the legendary musicians from New Orleans who lead the community. I saw his picture in the paper during Covid playing outside to celebrate his birthday and saved his picture so that I could paint it.

Kalli Padgett, Funktricity, 2018, Acrylic on wood panel, 30" x 40"


Painted this one as a freshman in collage for a color theory experiment. I sold it from my front porch house during Jazz Fest! 

HUGE thanks to Devin Ball for photographing some of these works! Check out his work here!